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i’m from US and shall be traveling to Palermo Italy. Is it more uncomplicated to. Is it more straightforward to transfer planes from Rome or Milan airport. this is my first time to italy and that i do not know both airport.

solution through Antonio
yes palermo airport ( punta raisi ) named FALCONE BORSELLINO
is connect with milano roma torino and extra
but is best you buy ticket before in web
at last moment in airport you pay better value

answer through cricri
yes, Palermo airport is a world airport. There are at least 20 flights a day to Rome and 20 fights to Milan.
observe: in Rome there are 2 airports. they are each far from Rome.
In Milan there are three airports: Oro al Serio (Bergamo), Linate and Malpensa. the first one just isn’t up to now from town of Milan

answer by way of GuFo
If you haven’t any drawback on your ticket fares/funds, there’s a non stop flight from new york to Palermo[one%20way]&setDepartureAirportCode=JFK&setArrivalAirportCode=PMO&language=en

in any other case Palermo is hooked up both to Milan or Rome simply (if you happen to fly from america you’ll land in Milan Malpensa or Rome Fiumicino: so you wish to have connection from these airports though)